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  1. John says:

    Hi Justin

    I really like your blog! Very informative and well laid out. Not much on Europe though. I have been traveling around Spain on my motorbike for the last 33 months and am writing a Blog about it.

    I have added a section to my blog to highlight quality blogs I’ve read and liked. Would you like to exchange links?



    1. Hey there, John. Thanks for the compliment! I’d definitely be up for a link exchange. Thanks for the offer. I’ll get it stuck right into my blogroll.

      You’re right, though – I don’t have much Europe stuff. That’s ’cause my wife traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East before meeting me, so we’re trying to hit places new to both of us. Africa or Asia will probably come next. There is, however, a slight chance Scandinavia could be in the cards …

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