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We’d all like to be able to take six months to travel the world, to see penguins in Antarctica, to spend a summer learning how to throat-sing in Mongolia.

But let’s face it: Few of us have the time or the money. We’ll miss our cat back home, and our favorite coffee shop after awhile. And our jobs are waiting for us.

If this sounds like you, but you still want some adventure in your life, this is the blog for you. Everywhere I go, I’m watching for affordable but fun stuff. Unforgettable sites. The crackle of endorphins flowing from head to toe. I want you to have fun, too, so I’ll share everything I find out.

G’day, pura vida and good on ya!

-Wandering Justin

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If you like this blog so, so much that you want to hear even more, you can see some of my non-travel thoughts at www.justinschmid.blogspot.com.

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Wandering Justin is the travel guide for people that carry backpacks instead of suitcases and think a flight without turbulence is dull.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yupz…I like your blog, your write very well. I’m going to view your blogspot. I’ll be back…

  2. polmangilog says:

    Hey there! Looking forward to your posts, fellow traveler!

  3. Jane Hampson says:

    hey justin
    glad you dropped into my darwin insider site. hope some new readers have come your way via my link.
    happy wanderings.

    jane in darwin

    1. Hey there, Jane. Would you mind if I put a link to your site here at No Crocs Allowed? Thanks!

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