Posted by: wanderingjustin | March 28, 2009

The Last Post Here at WordPress

Welcome to No Crocs Allowed, the former home of Wandering Justin.

If you arrived here searching for something adventurous, head over to my new home at Wandering I’ve deleted all the old posts so Google doesn’t flog me. You can still see them at the new site, though!

If I’ve been linking to you, fear not! You’ll still find your way into my Blogroll or some appropriate category. If I’ve gone cross-eyed from trying to edit cascading style sheets, feel free to comment with a hearty “Hey, jerky, where’s my link?”

So wander on over to the new site. Subscribe. Look at the pictures. Comment on what sort of an idiot thinks its a good idea to go in a cave infested by self-fluorescing maggots, eels and the odd possum. It’ll be a hoot! is dead, long live!

Posted by: wanderingjustin | November 9, 2008

Wandering Justin is live!

Crikey, you’ve found my adventure blog!

Here’s what you’ll get:

-A chronicle of upcoming adventure
-Flashbacks to past adventures
-Lots of links and advice
-The odd photo
-A PG-13 sense of humor … nothing too bad, but fair warning.

The first real post is coming. That’ll be the first in a series about my trip to Australia. That’s why you got the opening “crikey!”.



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